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We help companies resolve issues and overcome obstacles that hinder their goal of achieving maximum value.  we specialize in identifying problems and creating solutions which will assist our clients to unlock maximum value when the business is sold.  We are hands on and attentive to the needs of our clients, no matter the causes of distress.  We serve our clients from planning and execution through the closing of the transaction, assisting our clients to determine the appropriate valuation, deal structure, and timing of the transaction. 

We identify and contact buyers or sellers, and lenders on behalf of our clients, making presentations and negotiating the transaction on their behalf.  We represent our clients throughout the entire transaction, coordinating with legal and accounting professionals to ensure a smooth closing.


Lazarus represents clients in negotiating restructurings, workouts, and recapitalizations, assisting them to create value and improve financial performance by delivering new structures that allow all parties to operate profitably.