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1.       The Value of Integrity Our Company was founded on the principle of integrity in all that we do.  We have one agenda: meeting our clients’ needs.


2.       The Value of Honesty We believe that our clients deserve honest answers and input from us, even when the truth is hard to hear.  Our clients know that they can count on us to do the right thing.


3.       The Value of Serving The principals of Lazarus Resources believe that the best way to lead is by serving others: our clients, our community, and those in need.


4.       The Value of Being “Flexible and Scalable” Our principals are linked by internet, video conferencing, and file sharing in conjunction with a central administrative office and conference facility.  “Flex-Teams” of advisors are assembled as needed for specific projects.


5.       The Value of Working “Behind the Scenes” We have learned over the years that we do not need to be noticed. We do not trumpet our successes with tombstone ads.  We operate quietly and diligently “behind the scenes”, respecting our clients need for privacy and discretion.  We will often take a secondary role, performing the ground work such as research, business plan writing, and deal structuring for other firms.


6.       The Value of Being “Client Focused” Working directly with the client at their place of business provides us with an extensive understanding of our clients' operations and their specific situations.  We tailor our functions to meet those needs.


7.       The Value of Being “Hands-On” Our principals often take an active role in implementing changes and working with management to execute the plans we develop.


8.       “Value-Added” We provide value added services to lenders, investors, attorneys, CPA’s and other deal-makers.


9.       “Value-For-Value” Because of our lower internal costs, we are able to pass savings on to the client, often a significant savings compared with standard industry practices.  Our fees are tied to the value we create; compensation is often related to the increase in value during the term of our involvement.


10.   “Value-Sharing” In cases where it is appropriate, we will take a significant portion of our compensation in the form of participation with investors and management.